Kalyan Historic Club

Kalyan Historic is a Satellite Club Partner of Rotary Club established in Bidar year 2017. It's Name come from Historical City-Bidar. BIDAR is located in Karnataka State of INDIA. Bidar is a world famous Historical Place, known for Unique Structure of Nizam's FORT, Unique Narsimha Jharna(Temple Under Water), Gurunanak Jhira, Best AirForce Training Centre, Biggest Statue of Basweshwar,Bidri Handicrafts etc,.

Consistent Working, Consistent Results


Satellite Club

The concept of a “Satellite Club” was developed to provide an alternative approach to establish Rotary Clubs. The concept gives Clubs the opportunity to start up a small group with the ultimate intention of forming a new club in due course.

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RYLA CAMP @ Chitradurga Sponsored by All Rotary Clubs of Bidar.
3 Days visit to Bidar & Meetings with All Rotary Clubs of Bidar District by Dist.Governor.Rtn.K Madhuprasad & Rtn.Madhuri Chitradurga.
Teacher Training Chemistry Workshop & Nation Builder Awards.
Plates,Water Bottle, Meal & Rs.10,000 Donation to Mukti Mandir Ashram